April 05, 2008- Blogs from Suppliers

[I felt i needed to post this, even if it's more than a month after our wedding. Well, anyway, I hope our 2 dear suppliers wouldn't mind me grabbing some pictures posted at their website.]

Ever wonder what happened during our wedding?

Take it from our wonderful suppliers' blogs:
Mike Santos (Mr. Fruity) of The Mango Farm
Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila


Mr. Fruity's Blogs about the Wedding:

We met Mike one night on December 2006 when we first visited the Mango Farm. He was even surprised that we book so very early, considering that the wedding will be on April of '08.

We were surprised that the usual paparazzi Mike was missing during our Ceremony. (We can't find him anywhere in the farm). Later on, we saw him sneaking and taking pictures "behind the scenes", literally, behind the ceremony area, under the mango trees.

It was the first time that a wedding reception was held on that large part of the farm. We decided to take that site because a large number of visitors (around 300) are expected to come. The visitors didn't fail us. It went to around 280 pax or more. Kudos to the Mango Farm's spacious area and Manila Catering's sumptuous food. We had more than enough for all.

Click the link for more of Mike's pictures:

These show the Ceremony and Reception setup prior to the event:

On Dylan being part of the Wedding:

Ironically, while we met Mike at a very (very) early stage of our wedding preparations, we met Dylan a week or two before the W-day. He provided the much-needed setup that fits our requirements.

We were supposed to get the "capiz" setup, but Dylan suggested that we take the new ceremony setup which he is conceptualizing (inspired by that "i forgot the name of the hollywood star" wedding). So it turned out that we were the first to use the new setup because the original couple who proposed the setup is scheduled to wed at a later part of April.

The supposed to be 3 pm wedding started at around 5 pm. Dylan was teasing me that we might have been waiting for the rain to come before we start the ceremony. Blame it on the late comers!

So when everyone is here, we're ready to "let's get it on!".


Special thanks to Mr. Fruity of the Mango Farm, Dylan of Vatel Manila, and Carla of the Manila Catering Services.

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  1. Awww. Thanks so much for this post, Sir Joy! All the best!

  2. thanks, dylan. you are a blessing.

  3. hang kulet! ate joy..ibang iba ka dun sa siyetehan!

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